Submission deadline: Friday, May 7, 2021  
The Fierce Life Sciences team is currently seeking qualified speakers from biotech, mid-sized and large pharma companies to deliver unique and compelling presentations or to join as panelists at Digital Pharma Innovation Week - our virtual conference, taking place June 15-18, 2021. 
Our goal is to create a unique, dynamic, and educational program for conference attendees who are at the forefront of digital innovation in the life science marketing space and are interested in gaining deep insights into HCP engagement strategies, innovative solutions for patients, and driving omnichannel marketing. 
We particularly encourage proposals from speakers with innovative and practical experience who can share real-world examples of leading unique campaigns or developing digital strategies at their organization.  

Proposals for talks that will be given preference in the review process will: 

  • Be presented by life science leaders in marketing innovation with real-world experience  

  • Reveal new ways of thinking about digital marketing and commercial excellence 

  • Share lessons learned, best practices, and tips and tricks for executing digital campaigns and engagement  

  • Are based on real-world examples that involve the use of innovative technology or illustrate a solution to marketing/commercial challenges 

  • Include the results of original research and/or deep analysis of current and emerging trends in technology and applications 

  • Feature objective, educational, non-commercial content 

  • Feature content that has been specifically created for Digital Pharma Innovation Week and is not available anywhere online or previously presented at other events 


Case Study session - 30 minutes 
Standalone or Case Study sessions focus on marketing and innovation trends, a specific real-world strategy or campaign, or a “how-to" presentation intended to help marketers gain a better understanding of digital initiative and best practices that they can apply to their day-to-day objectives or overall missions 
Panel session - 45 minutes 
These informal discussions take a deep dive into topics where a variety of perspectives allow for a thought-provoking conversation among peers. Open panels are available to view on our agenda page or you may submit a topic that you believe would lend itself to this type of discussion.  


Selection Criteria 

  • Timeliness and originality of topic  

  • Value of the topic and tangible takeaways for marketers, commercial and customer-facing roles  

  • Extent to which proposals reveal new concepts or insights for digital innovation 

  • Insightful, non-commercial content 

  • Knowledge, experience and presentation skills of the speaker(s) 

  • Inclusion of practical case studies, or featuring novel marketing campaigns   


Speaker Benefits 

  • Speakers will receive a full conference pass to Digital Pharma Innovation Week and networking 

  • Speakers will be highlighted on the Digital Pharma Innovation Week website and in extensive event promotions and coverage, including emails, brochures, social media, and articles posted on our media brand Fierce Life Sciences’ website 

  • Speakers will receive wide recognition as industry thought leaders and expert innovation professionals 


If you're interested in submitting a proposal or have any questions on your submission, please contact Andrea Gianatiempo at [email protected] or Zohaib Sheikh at [email protected]